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What to look for in a Carpet and Upholstery cleaning service


Choose your carpet and upholstery cleaning service according to their skills
Photo of Conference Room with chairs and knowledge and not just price. We understand that price is important but equally important is the quality of the job. After all is said and done if the quality of the service is low than what did you save? We have compiled a large amount of information for you to help make your decision easier, the most informative pages are the ABOUT US, F.A.Q.'s and TIPS pages.



Let us educate you


Photo for library room with long, colorful carpt down the centerMisconceptions, they seem to run rampant in this industry, from advice from someone that never had their carpets cleaned properly to carpet salesmen that don't know anything about cleaning carpets. Also out right bad information given by carpet cleaning companies just trying to make more sales.

We are here to change all that and answer questions that we know are on your mind and maybe provoke new ones. We know that an educated consumer is our best customer, not one that is misinformed and mislead. So please take the time to read over our web-site and feel free to ask us any questions you may have and we know you will be the better for it, and, you'll impress your friends.




"CAVEAT EMPTIER" Isn't just a fancy Latin term, it's good advice. Be aware of coupons that offer a too good to be true price for cleaning your carpets and upholstery. Some cleaning companies will offer a very low price in order to get their foot in the door primarily because their reputation for cleaning won't.

Then, they proceed to charge extra for what otherwise should be included to get your carpets and upholstery clean. Companies that engage in this practice, which is commonly known as "Bait & Switch", show that they really have little respect for the customer and are not interested in cleaning, just charging for it. This type of company's service usually ends up costing the customer more than a legitimate company whose prices may seem high at first but end up a bigger value in the end. The old adage is still true, "You get what you pay for".


How knowledgeable are they?

Photo of Classroom with training in progress
Are they I.I.C.R.C. certified? This means NO guess work. Many times a poor cleaning tech will leave behind their calling card in the form of color loss from using the wrong cleaning agent on spots. Or the carpet will re-soil rapidly from cleaner left behind. This speaks volumes to the customer as to the credibility and knowledge of the cleaning company.

Some companies won't take the time or spend the money to get their employees properly trained and certified. One reason is that the cleaning company thinks like a lot of the public does, that it doesn't take a lot of knowledge and training to clean carpets. This is however very wrong, it takes years of experience and proper training and testing to clean carpets and upholstery properly.

Another reason is their employee turn-over ratio is high and they don't want to spend money on someone that won't be with them very long, or they think they have learned all there is to know just from experience. The last thing you want to hear from the cleaning tech is "I don't know what happened, it worked before"!


Why do the employees push so hard for extra services?


Photo of the Three StoogesSome cleaning companies pay their techs a commission only on what they sell in the home over and above the quoted price you got when you called. This system of compensation is used to motivate the technician to increase their paycheck and the company's sales.

Because they are paid on commissions, some technicians can become overly aggressive with their sales pitch, and may confuse the customer into purchasing services they may not necessarily need. This in turn makes the tech become more interested in the price of your service rather than the task at hand.


Can they clean a wide variety of spots and stains?


Some cleaning services will not promise results when it comes to stain cleaning
Photo of two stains: red flavored drink and yellow mustard on carpet because of their lack of knowledge. We clean many different spots and stains, like rust, or ink from a pen that the dog chewed on. Tar that stuck to your shoe after they paved the driveway to fixing color that an accidental splash of Bleach caused. Or like the stains above from flavored drinks and mustard.




No, unless your the man of steel. In this "give it to me now world" there are still some things that need to be done without breaking the sound barrier. Cleaning is certainly one of them. Some carpets may have special problems that take more time to resolve plus cleaning fast does not extract enough water and cleaning agents from the carpet so it takes longer to dry and can re-soil rapidly from the detergent left behind. Would you like your children to crawl around on that? Really it just comes down to caring about the job and the customer’s satisfaction.


How advanced are their cleaning agents?


Some companies may be using cleaning agents that are not proper for cleaning today's advanced carpet and delicate upholstery and very well could leave detergent behind to attract even more soil than you started with, especially if they use electric portable units because of their lack of power and heat.


Can they identify fabrics?


Photo of an elegant upholstered chairCan they identify fabrics and the proper method for cleaning them? Some cleaners won't even clean certain upholstery because of their lack of knowledge about fabrics, they may only clean your particular piece if it had been cleaned before. Or they may clean a piece of upholstery that they never have cleaned before just because it's a slow time of year. This presents all kinds of problems from possible shrinking to browning or they just can't get it clean enough to justify the cost.


I need to hook up a water hose to your sink.


Isn't that a lovely thought, a wet dirty garden hose running through your nice kitchen to be hooked up to your sink faucet while it drips onto your clean kitchen floor. Or the technician tracks mud onto your floor because he had to walk into your flower bed to hook up a water hose.

This shows that they do not have all the modern truck mounted equipment and need to rely on the customer to get the job started or done.

Having the right equipment not only means being able to clean well but being able to do the job in an organized manner without inconvenience to the customer and home owner, and without looking like you lost a wrestling match with the equipment.


Can they tell you what the results will be?


Photo of a Child's Playroom Could they tell you what kind of cleaning agents they are using and what the results will be even before they start? A real trained, experienced and certified professional can do all of these things. This is very important so the customer can make an informed decision to have something cleaned or replaced.

Why we charge what we do.

Real professional cleaning companies like ours, charge more than some other cleaners because of our experience, knowledge and advanced equipment. In the long and short of it "You get what you pay for."


What if I don't want the best cleaning because I'm moving out?

Photo of a couple sitting amongst boxes as the prepare to move out of their home
You may think about saving money on your carpet cleaning because you are moving out.

There are many advantages to hiring a good company versus a bad company even when quality is not the main issue.

With a good company you will be more at ease and tend not to worry about who is showing up to perform the service. Plus, you may want to find a cleaner for your new home and this is a good way to see them in action when the stakes aren't so high.

Most of all you are getting value with your service and you never have to worry about the quality of service, especially during the most hectic time of moving.


You are very important to us.


Even with having the knowledge to do it correctly it wouldn't be worth it if your cleaner didn't treat you right. We are proud to be your carpet and upholstery cleaner and will always treat you with respect and consider you part of our family.


Now your job is easy.


With this information you now have an idea of what to look for in a carpet and upholstery cleaner so you shouldn't have to ask yourself if you feel lucky, but do they have what it takes to do the job right.


Hot Water Extraction the Preferred Method of Cleaning


There are many different cleaning methods used in the industry today. Many are effective, but hot water extraction performed correctly will clean a carpet more thoroughly and will remedy a wider variety of problems.

One particular method is pad cleaning or the use of orbitors. Padded scrubbers can increase friction on your carpet and do more damage to the protection that was applied either by the factory or by the cleaning professional. This is due to the carpet fibers being scratched by already present soil while it is circulating through the carpet to the pad surface during the cleaning process. This is comparable to drying your hair with a towel after you just washed it without rinsing it.

Another method being used is powder cleaning or what is known as low moisture cleaning. This is where a powder is applied to the carpet and raked in and then vacuumed out to remove the soil. This method is effective but leaves powdered cleaner behind which can cause resoling and more damage to the carpet fibers when walked on after.

Hot Water Extraction (also known as Steam Cleaning ) is the method recommended by Carpet Manufacturers today. Today's carpets have very sophisticated twists to the yarns that scrubbing can distort and fuzz. Also, carpets are being made to last longer than ever, some as long as 25 years, because of this the major carpet mills state that Hot Water Extraction is to be used so as not to void your carpets warranty. Some warranties will go as far as to require that certain cleaning agents be used and certified techs do the cleaning.

In a case of stain removal Hot Water Extraction is also a required process. This will enable the technician to rinse out any spotting agent that was used in the process and aid in returning the pH of the carpet to its proper level. This is necessary to ensure that the area will not re-soil from un-rinsed cleaning agents still left behind.

In color repair Hot Water Extraction is also a must. Temperatures of the
photo of an orange stain on a carpetphoto of a carpet that needs cleaning

water being used to mix the dye must be above 150 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is vital to enable the carpet surface to accept the dye evenly. Lower temperatures will not let the dye penetrate the carpet fiber and an inconsistent color will result. Plus, any bleach spill must be neutralized before the dying process can begin, otherwise the dye will be bleached back out after the color has been repaired. This can only be achieved with a bleach neutralizer that must be rinsed out.

Hot water extraction is also used in the case of a flooded basement. In the case of a flooded carpet from pipes bursting or heavy rains and melting snow

Photo of a recently flooded basement a cleaning company that offers truck-mounted cleaning will be able to extract the excess water from the carpets and lighten the weight of the carpet so it can be removed and in some cases even be dried and deodorized so it can be salvaged. So all in all Truck-Mounted Hot Water Extraction is the most gentle and most thorough cleaning you can get for your carpet and upholstery today, so relax and enjoy your fresh and clean carpet and the improved indoor environment.